Matt PalentcharIn the dozen or so years since Matt Palentchar passed the Florida Bar Exam and began practicing law in Florida, his career has slowly evolved, to the point that he is now largely a specialist in real estate and corporate transactions. He does practice in a few other areas, like estate planning and probate, and small business law, but he prefers real estate as a specialty. His current firm has represented hundreds of lenders, buyers and sellers over the years, as part of a more specific focus on real estate transactions and property law. He does other things, when necessary, but his more focused approach on real estate serves him well these days.

Matt Palentchar has certainly gone far since his childhood, in which he grew up in Colonia, New Jersey and playing sports with his buddies. Soon after he moved to Florida and passed the Florida Bar in 2004, Matt Palentchar began his legal career working with a general practice law firm in Naples, where he practiced in many legal areas, including real estate, of course, which has since evolved into a specialty, but also probate and estate planning, civil litigation, criminal law and business law. He soon tired of the usual law firm grind, however and went off to form his first law firm, Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A and he’s rarely looked back.