Matt PalentcharSince he graduated law school, moved to Florida and passed that state’s bar exam back in Florida bar in 2004, Matthew Palentchar’s law career has been very substantial and varied, although it has been primarily focused on real estate. His law practice began with work in a general practice firm in Naples, Florida, where he practiced in real estate, estate planning, civil, criminal and business law.

That didn’t last long, however, as he decided it was time to found Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A., which he ran until 2010, when personal issues and a terrible illness caused him to leave Florida for a while. Thankfully, Matthew is tough, so he was able to overcome the illness and the personal problems. He soon returned to Florida, this time in St. Petersburg, where he formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC. He continues to live there with his wife Heather and their two dogs and he continues to focus on a variety of real estate transactions and property law in general. Over the past decade or so, Matt Palentchar now has a reputation for providing lenders, purchasers and sellers in complex commercial transactions with the best possible representation.