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Florida Real Estate Attorney Matthew Palentchar

Matt PalentcharIn the dozen or so years since Matt Palentchar passed the Florida Bar Exam and began practicing law in Florida, his career has slowly evolved, to the point that he is now largely a specialist in real estate and corporate transactions. He does practice in a few other areas, like estate planning and probate, and small business law, but he prefers real estate as a specialty. His current firm has represented hundreds of lenders, buyers and sellers over the years, as part of a more specific focus on real estate transactions and property law. He does other things, when necessary, but his more focused approach on real estate serves him well these days.

Matt Palentchar has certainly gone far since his childhood, in which he grew up in Colonia, New Jersey and playing sports with his buddies. Soon after he moved to Florida and passed the Florida Bar in 2004, Matt Palentchar began his legal career working with a general practice law firm in Naples, where he practiced in many legal areas, including real estate, of course, which has since evolved into a specialty, but also probate and estate planning, civil litigation, criminal law and business law. He soon tired of the usual law firm grind, however and went off to form his first law firm, Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A and he’s rarely looked back.

Florida Real Estate Attorney Matt Palentchar

Matt PalentcharSince he graduated law school, moved to Florida and passed that state’s bar exam back in Florida bar in 2004, Matthew Palentchar’s law career has been very substantial and varied, although it has been primarily focused on real estate. His law practice began with work in a general practice firm in Naples, Florida, where he practiced in real estate, estate planning, civil, criminal and business law.

That didn’t last long, however, as he decided it was time to found Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A., which he ran until 2010, when personal issues and a terrible illness caused him to leave Florida for a while. Thankfully, Matthew is tough, so he was able to overcome the illness and the personal problems. He soon returned to Florida, this time in St. Petersburg, where he formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC. He continues to live there with his wife Heather and their two dogs and he continues to focus on a variety of real estate transactions and property law in general. Over the past decade or so, Matt Palentchar now has a reputation for providing lenders, purchasers and sellers in complex commercial transactions with the best possible representation.

Matthew Palentchar Makes Clients Legal Issues a Thing of the Past

Matt Palentchar

Way back in 2004, Matthew Palentchar passed the bar and began to practice law in Florida about a dozen years ago. Since then, his primary specialty has been real estate law, although he has also gained experience with corporate transactions, probate, simple estate planning, and small business law. The reason for that is simple; the client is his number one priority and he will do anything to make them happy, even if it’s not his specialty.

The fact of the matter is, Matt Palentchar represents many types of clients, including lenders, purchasers and sellers in complex commercial transactions. However, he is also highly regarded for his ability to do more common real estate work, including title searches, title exams, and issuing title insurance for residential and commercial closings. Though Matt Palentchar is one of the best real estate lawyers in Florida nowadays, he is not above doing whatever is necessary to make his clients happy and whole again.

Matt Palentchar’s Legal Career

Matt Palentchar

Matt Palentchar grew up in New Jersey, specifically in Colonia, a relatively small town and a great place to grow up. He was always an athletic kid, taking an early interest in baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. He played pick-up with friends in frontyards and in official leagues. After attending and graduating from high school, Matthew Palentchar attended Rutgers University – New Brunswick. There, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He would later attend Ohio Northern University’s Law School, where he received a scholarship covering the full cost of attending school there. He earned his Juris Doctorate (law degree) and later moved to Florida, where he worked to pass the bar exam that summer.

He successfully passed the bar and went to work in a corporate law firm in Naples, florida, but soon felt out of place. He simply did not fit into the cut-throat environment of a law firm, because he simply didn’t want to. Today, he runs Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC, and was previously the principal of a company entitled Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq. P.A. Now living in Saint Peterburg with his beautiful family, Matt Palentchar works as a real estate attorney with a range of field interests. It is rewarding work that he greatly enjoys because he gets to help people to protect themselves legally and contribute to their real estate process.